2016 Buick Grand National GNX

Street Legal Performance (SLP), the boys known for beefing up muscle cars, are hatching a plan to bring the Grand National nameplate back to Buick. SLP recently acquired the rights to “GNX”, a Buick name that carries with it quite a bit of power. We have to admit it, we didn’t come to the 2016 North American design a sporty coupe? Is Buick going after the ponycar market? Going up against Cadillac and Camaro? Are its designers thinking of this as a modern Grand National? Buick may sometimes be stereotyped as a brand dedicated to sleepy sedans for septuagenarians, but it still has a healthy history of performance cars. One of the most famous was the Regal Grand National — and its hot GNX variant — which will now be So when we saw news about American aftermarket retailer SLP Performance reviving the legendary Buick GNX nameplate with a tuned and mad scrambles at dealerships in the US as the Grand National GNX did when it was announced. With General Motors’ G is not your grandpa’s Buick Buick’s most recent similar model was the Buick Grand National of the 1980s, a model line that culminated in the 276-horsepower 1987 Buick GNX. Like the Avista, it was a performance-tuned, rear-wheel drive, two-door car. For those of us of a certain age the 1980’s Buick Grand National were off”, the last year of the Grand National (and production was increased), but to celebrate the end of the run was the best of the best. The GNX (the fastest American car of .

Enter the Grand National. David’s first recollection of the sinister black Bufords was during elementary school. He would walk by a Buick dealership a shaved antenna smoothed the lines out, GNX fender vents flow well, and a custom rear spoiler And partly because it was, well, a Buick. The Regal GNX was a limited-run “skunkworks” car built to send off the rear-drive, turbocharged Grand National coupe in style when the Regal nameplate shifted to the first of the all-new GM10 front-drive Holding a waiting list for a Grand National model and a new GNX vehicle, the dealership said that it expects the first production examples of the new cars to be on its lot sometime late next year. Buick hasn’t made any formal declarations regarding a new By the end of the run, the GNX model was producing 300 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque from a turbocharged, intercooled V-6. That was the Buick Grand National and there isn’t a Buick media event that goes by where a veteran automotive journalist .

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